Shelley-Sheets_2pupspinkCanine Massage
Supports and Restores
Improves Quality of Life,
Increases Mobility and Range of Motion
…and so much more!

Canine Massage is an essential part of your dog’s health. Learn more about the numerous benefits of canine massage here.

Shelley Sheets, BA, CMT, CMAAT, provides canine massage for veterinarians and individual clients. Learn more about these services here.

Become a Canine Massage therapist  with Shelley as your teacher. Let her years of experience guide you in your career. Learn more about workshops here.


“As a veterinarian, I have accumulated over eight years of college and postgraduate education in addition to many hours of continuing education and additional certification classes.  I have found that characteristics common to great instructors include: 1) the ability to identify and understand the unique learning needs of their students 2) the ability to adapt their teaching style to accommodate their students’ needs 3) be comprehensively and meticulously familiar with the material they are teaching.

I recently had the privilege of receiving instruction on canine massage from Shelley.  When I originally registered for the course, my goal was to find an instructor that could convey the information in a concise, practical, and immediately relevant method.  Shelley’s teaching style, personality, and management of the classroom definitely met all of my expectations.  It was a pleasure to work with her.

I appreciate the time and investment Shelley has made into my own education and would, without hesitation, recommend Shelley as an instructor.” Dr. Casara Andre

It’s Here!!

The canine massage book you’ve all been waiting for. Canine Medical Massage: Techniques and Applications, co-authored by Shelley Sheets and Dr. Narda Robinson, is the first complete book on Canine Medical Massage!

 Please go to AAHA Press to order your copy today!!