Safety Tips for Your Dog Over the Holidays

The holidays are a busy and often stressful time for all of us, including our 4 legged friends. Here are some things to remember to keep your pets safe and healthy for the new year.

Have a quiet place where your dog feels safe to go and get away from noise and holiday company.  If they are used to being in a crate, make sure it is located in a quiet area.  There is also great dog specific music that is made to calm canine nerves.  Go to, www.throughadog’ to learn more.

Holiday guests and changes in schedules can disrupt a dogs routine. For your sake and the sake of your dog, remember to schedule regular walks and playtime, and keep feeding times as close to normal as possible.

And finally, remember to look closely to make sure there are no hazards from decorations lying around on the floor.  This is especially important if you have a new puppy, who like a young child, likes to put everything in his mouth. Also, check for gifts that may contain things like chocolate and make sure those are placed up high on a counter rather than under the tree.

Dodger and Ruby want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday season!!