Inside or Out?

Inside or Out?

One of the ways that I get to be in service to the four legged community is doing volunteer work for Retriever Rescue of Colorado.  RROC receives lots of applicants who want to leave their dog outside all day while they are at work and/or relegate them to the garage or an outside dog house at night.  There are lots of reasons why this is not a good idea.

Some people believe that dogs need to be outside so they can get plenty of exercise. The truth is that most dogs don’t exercise when they’re in a yard by themselves; they spend most of their time lying by the back door, waiting for “their people” to either let them in or come out and play with them. This is often the case even with multiple dog households.

Dogs left alone in the yard for long periods often get bored, lonely and frustrated. As a result, they may dig, bark excessively or become destructive.

Some yard dogs may become overly territorial and feel the need to protect their territory even from family and friends. If a dog is hardly ever allowed to come indoors, it will be difficult for him to distinguish between family, friends and uninvited guests.

Retrievers and retriever mixes want nothing more than to be with their people and to be in the home with their peoples’ scents.

RROC discourages leaving your dog outside all day unattended. If the above reasons did not persuade you then maybe these will strike home.

1.Colorado has extremely quick changing weather patterns, bringing extreme heat, cold, high winds, and hail

2.Dogs that are frightened or perhaps just chasing a squirrel can easily escape from a yard, become lost and/or get hit by a passing car
3.If a dog does escape from the yard, you, as his owner, are liable for any damage or harm that he might do.

4.Children/teens will often tease and torment a dog through the fence, spray them with mace or pepper spray or throw inappropriate items over the fence

5.Beware of dog thieves – dogs can be used for meat, dog baiting in illegal dog fights, or sold to a research facility

6.There have been many instances of a dog dying because a person threw poisoned meat over the fence

7. A dog who constantly barks becomes a neighborhood nuisance

8. Collars and chokers can get caught on a fence, decking or bushes causing the dog to choke to death

9.A dog can quickly dig under a fence or break through slats to get out when he really wants to

10. Dogs will often chew on sticks, plants or other items in the yard which may cause intestinal problems or choking

11.If you live in rural areas or the mountains your dog has the chance of encountering unwanted wildlife such as mountain lions, bears, raccoons and skunks.  This problem is even becoming a reality in many areas of the city.

Dogs have the mentality of a 2 year old toddler and if you have children or if you have  been around them, you know why you would never leave a 2 year old unattended.  Make your dog a part of the family today.