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Pictures of Happy Dog Ranch Reiki Class Sept 2014

I always say that in any of my classes the perfect group is called together for exactly what is needed for each individual at the time.  This proved to be true once again in my most recent Reiki Class.  On September 13th and 14th an amazing group of women came together at Happy Dog Ranch in Colorado.  They spent a dynamic weekend learning Reiki and focusing their attention and intentions on what was seeking to express through them with passion and joy.  As the weekend progressed each individual renewed her commitment to healing herself and the animals! As you can see through the sweet moments that are captured in these pictures, there was magic taking place for all.  My next Animal Reiki Class will take place on October 11th and 12th . There is still time to get in on the early bird special discount.  Because of the weather this may be the last one I hold until spring so if you are feeling called to learn energy work with animals this would be a great time to do it.  The animals are waiting!! REGISTER HERE.