“In my line of work, I come across all sorts of products for dogs. Anything you see on my website I highly recommend because IT WORKS.  – Shelley Sheets

Therapawtix – Dog Massage Pad
iCalm Dog – The Remedy to Dog Anxiety


The perfect dog pad for doing canine massage, animal reiki or any type of pet therapy. Start your career off on the right paw!

This innovative design features high density foam,1,000 thread count cordura fabric to withstand heavy use and durable, easy clean vinyl. With both a hand strap and a shoulder strap this pad is light and easy to carry. The fold-over front flap features a pocket for your phone or appointment book. Each pad also comes with a washable fleece cover. Additional covers may be purchased separately.


When it comes to comfort for you and your clients this pad gets a two paws up!!

               Product Choices:
Therapawtix Pad and 1 Cover: $169
Therapawtix Pad and 3 Covers: $189
Three Pack of Covers – $35.00
Plus Individual State Tax

Shipping $15.00        

iCalm Dog – The Remedy to Dog Anxiety

icalm_small_blueiCalmDog is a portable, easy-to-use player pre-loaded with 4 hours of Through A Dog’s Ear music clinically demonstrated to calm canines.



Thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers worldwide have recommended the slowed down, simplified, classical compositions of Through a Dog’s Ear for years. Now the clinically tested music is available in a portable player.

City Sounds
New Puppy
Elderly Canine
Separation Anxiety
Dog Meets Baby

Featuring fabulous speakers and a built-in auto-repeat function, iCalmDog can be played 6 hours at a time on the standard model, or 12 hours on iCalmDog with Battery Boost.

Read the comments from people who use iCalmDog to solve their dog’s anxiety issues:

“Cyrus is fast asleep with the help of his new iCalmDog. Thanks for the awesome iPawd. We have been listening to it for hours every day. It’s been a huge hit here with all of my sensitive iggies. I am very happy I purchased it!”
~ Lori from Hawaii

“My 100 lb black Lab, Schooner, has severe anxieties with fireworks and usually hides in a small bathroom and trembles. We are located directly across the street from where the annual fireworks display is set off and it is tremendously loud. This was the first year that I did not give Schooner a tranquilizer (which I hate doing). Although he did spend the evening in the bathroom, he was relaxed as he listened to his favorite tunes!!! Normally he would be a panting mess or zoned out on meds!! Thank you!!!”
~ Patricia from CT.


“I LOVE how portable and sturdy the iCalmDog is and the base in the speaker is AWESOME!! Captain is normally a fearful dog. When the iCalmDog arrived, we took it outside to watch for bunnies as a great way to relate the music to happy, happy times. Best buy ever from Through a Dog’s Ear!”
~ Kelly from Colorado

“I’m pretty sure that our Goldens look for ways to get us out of the house so that they can enjoy their iCalmDog.”
~ Shirley from OR.


“iCalmDog has come in handy during weeks of thunderstorms. Previously, I would come home and find the CD player off because of a storm power blink during the day.  Soooo, this handy iPawd can play all day on it’s battery, while keeping Tommy calm. Thanks for your wonderful music and products!”~ Barbara from PA



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iCalmDog is perfect for your new puppy or a gift!


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