Workshop Teaching Testimonials:

“Shelley is an amazing teacher! Not only did I enjoy her dog massage class, she made learning a wealth of information fun and enjoyable. Her years of experience in dog massage and healing make her the obvious choice to learn the fundamentals and nuances of canine massage. I highly recommend her classes!” – Lisa Westby, CA, Owner of Paw Of Attraction.com

“Shelley’s classes are a mix of learning and exploring new thoughts and beliefs.  Her easy going style helps encourage ones own thoughts and beliefs to evolve enhancing creativity.” – Jenni .P, CO

Kiley Massage copyCanine Massage Testimonials and Case Studies:

“I was skeptical at first but the change in Kaso after one session with Shelley is amazing! My 6 year old dog is acting like a puppy again. I am recommending this to all my dog-owner friends.” Les W.

“Regular massage with Shelley is an integral part of managing my dog’s chronic pain issues.  Her great work helps Luna’s quality of life tremendously.  Shelley is very patient and very skilled in her work and I recommend her highly.”  – Kathy D, Denver, CO

“What an amazing difference a massage from Shelley made for my dog after his surgery.  The surgery required him to lay splayed on the surgical table so his muscles had been stretched for an extended amount of time in an abnormal way.  You could tell he was sore by the way he walked.  The massage helped relax the muscles in his back, shoulders and hips and he slept soundly for the first time.  The massage stimulated blood flow, enhancing recovery and pain relief.” – Shara J., CO

“I experienced the healing power of Shelley’s animal massage when I witnessed a very nervous pit bull totally relax after having a massage.  Her skin and muscles were very tight and I just assumed that was normal for a pit bull.  During the massage you could actually see her muscles relax and afterwards, we were able to pull her skin up on her neck.”  – Mary Z., CO

I took Canine Massage Level 1 with Shelley Sheets and can not imagine having a better experience. She was informed, experienced, and made every class eye opening and enjoyable. We covered so much material over 4 days and yet it never felt rushed. Shelley was very supportive and also gave useful tips for improvement, and I truly hope I can take more courses from her in the future!   Madison C. – San Francisco California

Taking Canine Massage Level 1 from Shelley Sheets was great! She is so inspirational and helpful. She has obviously dedicated her life to being a helper; wether its massaging people or animals or teaching people she is doing something to improve another beings life. She is a wonderful teacher and person!
   McKensy L.

“Saying that Shelley Sheets is an amazing teacher is an understatement.

There is something about Shelley’s demeanor that makes you feel confident in yourself. Despite jumping into something very unfamiliar, I strayed from my comfort zone and learned invaluable lessons during her four-day class.

While I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for the class, I was pleasantly surprised to have found someone whom I hope will become a lifelong mentor!”

Emily Tronetti